I got my roommate into Total Divas. I consider that a victory.

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Next week on how to finish off a basic bitch

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tell me why u follow me on anon



This has so much potential to be cool

I would very much like to know.

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"Riley, hit the lights! Huey, electronics!"
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the lady basically told me that i can come take the test anytime as long as i make the appointment, so basically, my grandpa just has to teach me the basics and i’m good to go

yeah that makes more sense then just getting your license by passing the test. 

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you need to get a permit first before you can take the license test.

ahhh. see this is why i don’t drive right now lol. i don’t know my shit. thanks homie. 

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not even a month probably

hmm. interesting. 

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linkiri replied to your post: yalami replied to your post:How do you…

ok well i got my permit?? but i can literally go take the driving test right now and get my license

you also just turned 18 not too long ago. how long have you had your permit?

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rhodesdynasty: I followed you on Twitter. Boom. Now you owe me a cookie.

everyone be like her and follow me

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you still need to get a permit, you just don’t need to go to drivers ed classes
yep pretty much

i’m getting conflicting reports

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